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This is not an exhaustive list and we work with retailers across a number of other sectors, from aquatics to home security. So whatever your business, get in touch. We’d love to see how we could help.

  • Home improvement

  • Leisure

  • Jewellery

  • Electrical

  • Healthcare

  • Furniture



Home improvement

We know your industry inside out. We currently work with more than 580 retailers in your space including B&Q, Bathstore and Worcester Bosch, covering everything from bathrooms to boilers.



How important is finance in the home improvement sector?

In a word: very. Our recent customer research tells us that 41% of home improvement customers would not have gone ahead with the purchase if finance was not available. What’s more, 39% said that they felt the total amount they spent had increased due to the availability of finance.

So whether you’re looking to stand out against the crowd or increase purchase order values, you can’t afford not to offer a competitive point of sale finance option for your customers.

Your challenges and opportunities

The increasing popularity of the government’s help-to-buy scheme is a constant threat, providing brand new homes to an audience that could’ve - at one time - been calling out for home improvements on their first property purchase.

On the other hand, while Brexit has created an air of uncertainty across Britain, it could be good news for the home improvement sector as people choose to improve rather than move. There has never been a more important time for you to give your customers the option to spread the cost in a way that suits them.




We have extensive experience in the leisure sector, working with retailers that specialise in everything from hot tubs to angling equipment. Some of our leisure sub-sectors are listed below, but remember, if you don't see your specialism here, please do still get in touch as we could still be able to help.


Outdoor activities 
- Cycling
- Angling
- Camping
- Snow Sports 
- Golf

Health and fitness
- Gym equipment
- Hot tubs/spas


- Art
- Photography
- Musical Instruments

Motoring accessories
- Motorcycle clothing
- Registration plates




From independents to high-street giants, we work with jewellery retailers from all walks of life. Some of our longest standing partnerships in your space include Berry’s, Fraser Hart and Goldsmiths.



How important is finance in the jewellery sector?

Offering customers the option to spread the cost of their jewellery purchases is absolutely vital. In fact, our recent survey revealed that a staggering 66% of customers said they would not have made the purchase if finance not been available. And over half (55%) said they spent more because of the availability of it.

Your challenges and opportunities

For your customers, shopping is likely to be an emotional experience. Whether it’s buying an engagement ring for their soon-to-be spouse, a watch for the special birthday of a loved one or anything in-between, every stage of the purchasing journey should be memorable for all the right reasons.

Although we’re still seeing rapid growth in the number of customers using the internet for their research, providing a first-rate in-store experience remains of paramount importance, as consumers continue to enjoy seeing and touching the pieces for themselves. The challenge is providing the same level of service across every channel.




Our work in the electrical sector dates back to 1995. Fast forward 23 years and we now support 238 retailers with a whole range of products and solutions to suit their business.



How important is finance in the electrical sector?

We recently asked our customers who had made a purchase from one of our electrical retailers whether they would’ve gone ahead with the purchase even if finance hadn’t been available. A staggering 60% said they wouldn’t.

On top of that, 64% of those customers also said that they felt the availability of finance meant that they spent more, so you can’t afford not to offer your customers a competitive finance option.

Your challenges and opportunities

Operating in the fast-paced world of electricals and technology is both a blessing and a curse. Staying ahead of curve is the most important consideration, but if you put your customer first and shape your business around what they want, you’ll stand out in what is a fiercely competitive market.




Working in everything from dental to laser eye surgery, we have plenty of experience when it comes to healthcare retail. Our partners include Boots Hearingcare, Optical Express and over 3,000 Dental Practices.



How important is finance in the healthcare sector?

We asked customers in your sector whether they would have still made the purchase if finance hadn’t been available. Over half (52%) said they wouldn’t.

What’s more, 34% of those same customers also said that they felt their total spend increased due to the availability of finance, meaning offering POS finance could boost your revenue in more ways than one.




We work with furniture retailers up and down the country, including some of the biggest names on the high street such as John Lewis, DFS and Furniture Village, to name a few.



How important is finance in the furniture sector?

Considering that 44% of customers, when surveyed, said that they would not have gone ahead with their purchase if there had not been the option to buy it on credit, we’d say it’s pretty important.

On top of that, 45% also said that they felt that they spent more because finance was available, meaning if you’re looking to boost your average purchase value, POS finance could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Your challenges and opportunities

In a world where the customer is king, it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd for your ease of doing business at every stage of the customer journey, from research to long after the purchase is made.

As competitors continue to open stores and improve their digital efforts, it’s all about finding a way to entice customers in and give them a first-rate experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

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