Cashflow Clinic

Welcome to our Cashflow Clinic, created to provide help and support for SMEs with cashflow concerns or questions. The clinic consists of a range of videos explaining how invoice finance and Inspired Cashflow can help a business grow. Happy viewing, we hope you find the Cashflow Clinic interesting and informative.

If you have any questions, please tweet us @the_in_voice as we may feature your question in our next video!

Why was Inspired Cashflow created?

Understand the rationale behind developing Inspired Cashflow and why this product is both affordable and straightforward...

How does invoice finance work?

Invoice finance is a simple process. You invoice your customer for products or services provided and send a copy of the invoice straight to us at Hitachi Capital...

How much will it cost?

Inspired Cashflow from Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance is based on a single monthly fee, meaning that there are no hidden fees to worry about...

What are the benefits?

With Inspired Cashflow the cash can be released within 24 hours of the invoice being raised, and we can fund up to 85% of the value of the invoice...

Why Choose Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance?

Hitachi Capital is a globally trusted brand with us winning an Excellence In Service award two years running at the Credit Today Awards. 

Why invoice finance and not a bank overdraft?

Unlike a business overdraft where you have to negotiate if you need extra money, Invoice Finance automatically expands with your sales turnover...

Is it easy to switch from an existing provider?

We offer a seamless transfer from your existing provider. We'll contact your existing provider and organise the transfer of your invoices to our facility...

I'm an accountant, why should I recommend you?

Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance has created a new cashflow finance solution providing simple, affordable finance to SME's- Inspired Cashflow...

Our client feedback

With a customer service rating of 4 ½ stars out of 5 it shows that our clients are more than happy with the service that we are offering.

Factoring Fees explained

Don't let confusing terminology put you off Invoice Finance. Our quick video explains in simple terms how factoring fees are calculated.

How do you select the right independent provider?

Choosing the right independent provider for your business can be a difficult task. Watch our quick video guide to give you some hints and tips to help you choose.

What is a Factoring Company?

Watch our simple video guide to find out.

What is Debt Factoring?

You may have heard of the term Debt Factoring but don't fully understand what this means. Don't worry, just watch our simple guide to learn more.

What is Invoice Discounting?

Watch our quick video guide to learn more about Invoice Discounting.

What is Invoice Factoring?

This video guide aims to provide more information about Invoice Factoring, click on the link to watch.

Will you choose an Independent or a Bank?

Great news - you have chosen Invoice Finance for your cash flow needs! Now will you decide on a Bank or an Independent as your provider? Watch our video for some hints and tips.

What is Credit Control for small businesses?

This quick video guide explains what credit control means for a small business.

You need money to fund your business growth - what are your options?

There are so many options when looking for finance to help grow your business. This video guide helps to explain these options and the benefits of each solution.

Our Recruitment Finance online portal

Watch this quick demo to show the features and benefits of using our Recruitment Finance online portal.

What is Recruitment Finance and what are the benefits?

There are so many benefits for Recruitment agencies to choose our finance solution. Watch this video guide to find out more.

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