We know the importance of making sure that your temporary staff are paid correctly and on time, even when your clients haven’t yet paid for your services. We also understand that your staff will need paying much quicker than the standard 30 days your clients will take to pay you; potentially causing cash-flow issues.

As a company employing and supplying temporary staff you have an obligation to meet payment deadlines. That's why we created Inspired Payroll

Invoice finance for recruitment agencies provide's payroll services that include timesheet management:

If you are a recruitment agency supplying temporary staff to businesses, you may have experienced issues around paying your staff on time, sometimes before you have even received payment from your business customers.

One of our case studies demonstrates how we helped a recruitment agency to grow its business and shows how Inspired Payroll can help both companies who are finding it tough, as well as those that are doing well.

Chasing invoices can prevent you from paying casual staff on time:

Whether you're a start-up recruitment agency or have been established for a number of years you'll probably face the same problem - cash flow. Whilst invoices can be on 30-90 day terms with customers, temporary contractors often expect to be paid on a weekly basis, which can potentially cause a shortfall in cashflow.

As well as affecting the day to day costs of a business, a shortfall in cash flow can put pressure on and even hinder any potential growth and expansion plans that a business may have planned.

Avoid issues caused by late invoices with our managed payroll solution:

Many recruitment agencies use Inspired Payroll because it improves their business cash flow, whilst also relieving their administration burden. We become a genuine extension of our client’s teams who often tell us they wouldn’t be able to run their business without our support.

Payroll finance allows you to receive the cash from an invoice within 24 hours, allowing you to pay your temporary staff on time as well as giving your cashflow that extra bit of flexibility. It can also relieve you of the burden of the administrative duties, with our internal credit control team taking care of chasing payments, whilst our cloud based administration portal allows you to manage tasks such as timesheet management, payroll and invoicing where ever, whenever. This gives you the time to focus on the more important things.

We offer a 6 month trial period allowing you to test the product and service before you commit to a longer contract. If you decide to leave during this period, you are free to leave without being charged an exit fee associated with standard contracts. We are confident you will like us, 99% of clients who take this trial stay with us for longer.

Benefits of Inspired Payroll:

Flexible funding line that grows at the same rate as your turnover, meaning you don’t even have to negotiate new terms
Strengthen your cash flow ensuring you can always pay temporary employees on time
Allows your business to grow at a much faster rate

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