The UK manufacturing industry is the backbone of our economy, therefore it is key that your continued growth is supported by having the appropriate levels of funding available to you when you need it.

The manufacturing industry is both versatile and fast paced, with constant investment needed to maintain a competitive advantage. It's therefore vital to have a healthy cash flow to support you in this. We can release up to 85% of the invoice value the day its raised, allowing staff and suppliers to be paid.


If your clients prefer to pay for their goods on 30 or 60 day terms, chances are you’re being forced to strike a difficult balance in order to pay everyday expenses such as payroll, suppliers, machinery repair and building rental. It can also sometimes be tough to keep up with the ever changing technological advancements that are on offer which could potentially offer a competitive advantage. If your funds are being tied up in unpaid invoices it can sometimes be hard to fund such ventures.


Alternative sources of finance can be vital for a manufacturer's success. Invoice finance offers a practical, long-term solution that can really streamline your business. As well as helping to cover the day to day costs like raw materials, utility bills and wages it lets you invest in ways that can benefit your company in the long term and help you to win more contracts in the future.


Flexible funding line that grows at the same rate as your turnover, meaning you don’t even have to negotiate new terms
Strengthen your cash flow ensuring you can always pay temporary employees on time
Allows your business to grow at a much faster rate
As your turnover grows, so does your available funding.

How to apply

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