Household income and expenditure

  • Guide to filling out the Household Income and Expenditure form:

    • Income: There are two separate boxes one for you and one for your spouse/partners’ monthly income after tax and National insurance. Please note you will also need to send us proof of your spouse/partners income – for instructions see our earlier email.
    • Consent: We need consent from your spouse/partner in order for us to take their income into consideration. By ticking the consent box shown below you are providing that consent on their behalf.
    • Expenditure: This is the total household amount(s) that you pay under each heading
    • Credit Commitments: Hire Purchase, Personal Loans
    • Credit Cards/ Mail Order: Monthly payments made
    • Housekeeping: Food and Drink
    • Transport: Fuel, Train, Other public transport, Car Insurance
    • Other Expenses: Home/ Life Insurance, Broadband, Phone, Child Maintenance, Nursery Fees