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Finance for Hitachi Products

Our manufacturing heritage, experience across Europe, and deep insight into local markets power our innovative funding solutions for Hitachi products.

As part of one of the largest and most respected global manufacturing companies trading today, Hitachi Group’s pioneering technology is market leading, from microscopes and TV cameras, to MRI machines and wheel-loaders.

We understand Hitachi products and the benefits they bring to businesses. Using this knowledge, we are able to offer flexible funding solutions that allow our customers to benefit from our pioneering technology.

Working closely with SMEs and large corporations across many European countries, our specialised finance solutions are bespoke to your industry and needs and we are operational in a number of different industries including healthcare, construction and manufacturing.

Hitachi in the healthcare market
Hitachi focuses on the human and technological needs of professionals and their user communities, creating innovative and inspired healthcare solutions including magnetic resonance imaging, computer tomography and ultrasound imaging equipment. With our in-depth knowledge of Hitachi equipment and how it is used, our funding structures are designed specifically to help your investment in a Hitachi healthcare solution in the most efficient manner.

Hitachi in the construction market
Hitachi specialises in the manufacture of excavators, wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks and crawler cranes. With such an extensive product line-up, Hitachi has earned itself an excellent reputation for performance, reliability and safety around the world and our tailored finance solutions enable customers to invest in construction equipment to grow their business in plant, mining, waste management and demolition.

Hitachi's long-standing heritage in manufacturing helps us understand what you do and how you do it. And our experience of working with customers across Europe provides us with a deep insight into local markets. It is this knowledge and understanding that we bring to our innovative funding solutions.

Our flexible finance solutions 

  • Working in 9 European countries

  • Over 30 years' experience in finance solutions

  • Trusted partner to over 500 customers

  • Provided funding for over 2,000 assets