Business Intelligence Technical Team Leader

With Hitachi Capital since: 2006
Location: Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance
Business unit: Group

I'm business intelligence technical team leader at Hitachi Capital UK, which means I look after our data warehouse and all of our reporting tools across the Hitachi Capital UK companies. I look after a small team of people who are responsible for developing software and reporting for our systems.

I started at Hitachi Capital UK in 2006 working for Consumer Finance and gradually moved into IT and now I work for the whole group.

"There's a real cross support culture between the different departments, I'd recommend anyone to come work here."

What excites me most about my role is the diversity of the business units we work for. Every day is different working for customers with different requirements, there's never a dull moment.

I've been here for 10 years and the company has grown and changed a massive amount in that time, when I started Hitachi was a fairly small player in the financial services industry and now Consumer Finance in particular is one of the biggest finance providers in the UK.

The company is continuing to grow and evolve and that's really exciting.