Gavin Wraith-Carter

Gavin Wraith-Carter

Current role: Managing Director Business Finance
With Hitachi Capital since: 2013
Location: Hitachi Capital Business Finance
Business unit: Business Finance

I head up business finance. What I like is the number of different things I get to do – such as coaching or talking to new staff, or being at board meetings and exploring what can we do to join parts of the business together. There’s a huge raft of things we do.

There’s lots of customers who just want to be successful in their business and they’re looking for one new asset that’s a big investment for them. You talk it through with them, help them understand it and help them fund it – that’s a great feeling. We also talk to large corporates who want a big new investment, so there’s an enormous amount of variation.

"Hitachi Capital UK is a great business – it’s fun, informal and we like to listen. Anybody can talk to anybody."

I don’t know what the future is – what I do know is that Hitachi Capital UK is a great business. Its fun, informal and we like to listen. Anybody can talk to anybody. Some of the best ideas come from those who talk to customers.