Director of Credit Risk

With Hitachi Capital since: 2013

Location: Hitachi Capital Business Finance

Business unit: Group

I joined Hitachi Capital in June 2013 as Group Credit Risk Director. I’m responsible for setting our appetite for the kind of customers we lend or lease to, for how we assess and approve them for credit facilities, and for ensuring that our portfolio of risk assets performs as planned.

Our broad range of retail and commercial finance products and services, backed by the formidable resources of one of the world’s best-known and respected industrial groups, means we can support the investment needs and plans of consumers, small businesses and larger firms alike, as well as promoting the development of the Hitachi brand in growth markets.

"I believe our business is uniquely well-positioned for success in the years to come, in Britain and globally."

No two days are ever the same – the variety of customers, markets and transactions, combined with working with motivated and energetic people from all areas of the business. It always gives me opportunities to learn, to make a difference, to care, and to have some fun.

I’d hope that anyone joining Hitachi Capital would quickly feel the same.