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Our reviews are based on real time feedback

Our reviews are based on real time feedback

Quick, simple and secure award winning cashflow finance in 6 easy steps:

Appointment Booked

Your Business Development Manager (BDM) will help you determine if our Cashflow Finance solutions are the best funding options and fit for your business.

They’ll explain how the products work and discuss the costs in a simple and clear way.

If you are happy to move forward, the BDM will also collect some of the supporting information for the credit application detailed below.

Credit Application

Great, you’ve confirmed you’d like to go ahead with a cashflow finance facility. Your BDM will complete a credit application and take care of everything for you. As a responsible lender we have to undertake a few checks around the security of the money we are advancing and your business’s ability to run the processes.

In most cases a personal search will have been completed prior to the meeting; if we are unable to we will need to do this in the meeting for all directors and/or shareholders with shareholdings above 10%.

Your will need to:

Share information on your accounts (electronically or manually).

Provide copies of:

Your business's latest financial accounts

A business bank statement

Your invoice paper trail paperwork

Debtor contracts/T&Cs (where required)

Two items of Proof of bank:

A bank statement from the last 3 months, and either:

A copy cheque, paying-in-slip or bank letter

Factoring letter



Using the information provided for the credit application, we will carry out a survey to gain a good understanding of your business including how easily your sales invoices are paid and the financial position of your business. If it’s a larger or more complicated deal we ask a specialist auditor to do this work on our behalf. The auditor will produce a report to go alongside the credit application. The survey usually takes up to one day to complete.

Approved or declined

On completion of the credit application, we will let you know if your application has been approved within 24 hours. Occasionally this may take longer if the deal is larger or more complicated.

Let's sign you up

Once your application has been approved, legal documents will be sent to you electronically.

You will need to review and sign the Cashflow Solutions Agreement and any secondary security agreements (i.e. a personal guarantee). The BDM can be available to talk through the plain English Agreements, costs and charges and answer any other questions you may have.

Our Cashflow Solutions agreement are sent digitally via DocuSign and will need to be signed by either: 2 directors or 1 director and a witness.

Both signatories need to be present during this visit and they will need individual email addresses.


We can now conduct the final steps to complete the setup of your facility. Firstly we need to verify the outstanding invoices on your sales ledger, as this is our primary security against the money we advance to you. To do this we need to contact your debtors via landline telephone numbers that you have already provided on the customer contact list at the sign up meeting.
We will then be in touch to discuss a first payment amount and payment will be released.