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A northern print specialist takes advantage of award winning ‘Inspired Cashflow’

Print specialist takes advantage of award winning ‘Inspired Cashflow’

A northern print specialist has chosen Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance as their provider of choice for business funding. We provide them with a facility through our innovative new Inspired Cashflow product, a simple and effective Invoice Finance solution, designed to improve cash flow, with a funding limit of £300,000.

After experiencing problems with their bank of 30 years due to restrictions on the level of finance being offered, they felt they needed to look for an alternative funding option that gave them greater freedom to manage their own finances. After getting a number of quotes from a range of companies, including one bank who quoted much higher fees along with ‘hidden’ charges, they were introduced to us by Academy Leasing. We are delighted that the decision to go with Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance was based upon this trusted recommendation along with the competitiveness of our offer.

Why Did they Choose Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance?

They opted to use our Inspired Cashflow product due to its transparency - no hidden charges and the six month trial period is ideal for companies using invoice finance for the first time. We understand that invoice finance is a new method of funding for many businesses, and endeavour to make the transition as simple and clear as possible.

With Inspired Cashflow offering more flexibility than a traditional bank overdraft, our client also benefits from greater security and more control over their own finances without having to go through the red tape enforced by banks.

A Challenging Industry

  • Print manufacturers in particular can face challenges when it comes to covering monthly expenses, with customers frequently opting for 30 or 60 day payment terms. This makes scheduling difficult, but our inspired cashflow product helps this client by allowing the business to acquire the cash it needs almost immediately after raising an invoice.

    This method of financing isn’t just useful for keeping on top of recurring expenses. In the print and manufacturing industries, technology can change rapidly, which means that development is essential. By using Invoice Finance, businesses can release the cash tied up in invoices to push forward with growth.

    Flexibility is also important here too; many traditional forms of finance can make this kind of scaling difficult, whereas in this case, the facility grows with turnover. There’s no need for lengthy or complex re-negotiation as the facility will run continuously. An important factor when this client was choosing a new cashflow finance provider. 


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