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Business Planning for your franchise

Having a strong business plan makes strong business sense

Whether you are considering borrowing money or not, it is essential to have a thoroughly detailed business plan. Our business plans help guide your business strategy by measuring your actual progress against your business goals, providing a strong foundation for your success.

What does a good business plan look like?

A good business plan describes your business clearly so that you and other people can easily understand the business, its future goals and why and how these will be achieved. For most small businesses, it's the most important document you'll need if you want to be successful in securing appropriate investment or funding.

  • But a very good business plan does more than that. It helps you clarify your ideas, spot any weaknesses so that these can be addressed and risks mitigated and enables you to measure your business's progress. A well structured and clear business plan also plays a role in attracting investors and convincing suppliers and potential employees to support you.

Your bespoke business plan

We believe a collaborative approach enables us to provide a business plan which is bespoke to you and supports your personal and business goals. With our award winning Hitachi Capital Franchise Finance team, your Business Plan will:

Be personalised, professional and comprehensive

Support your funding applications

Contain detailed financial projections and cashflows

Demonstrate financial viability

Support ongoing monitoring of business performance

Be prepared by a dedicated consultant

Key Benefits
  • Review your marketing proposals

  • Gauge profitability to ensure your plans are feasible to progress and take forward

  • Produce monthly cash flow projections to establish your financial requirements from the outset

Preparing to sell your franchise business?

There comes a point in the franchise life cycle when a Franchisee will require a strategy to sell their business. Our franchise resale service ensures you can prepare your business to overcome the challenges you may face at this stage of your business journey, considering your ability to sell, the price you can achieve and the required finance to arrange.

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