Hitachi corporate social responsibility

Building a better society


At Hitachi Capital, we know that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can make a real impact on communities across the UK.

Our approach is built on three key philosophies – Sustainable Growth, Respect for Human Dignity, and Implementation of Corporate Ethics – and these are at the heart of every CSR activity we do.

From coming to the aid of businesses in need, to raising money for local charities, we strive to bring about positive changes in those communities in which we socialise.

We support businesses in many ways, including increasing awareness of social issues, donating equipment to those in need and setting up emergency funds.

And from sponsored bike-rides to organised bake sales, we encourage our people to support the causes most important to them. In 2016 alone, Hitachi Capital set aside £250,000 to contribute through match funding.

Here’s just some of the ways we’ve helped

Hitachi Capital

£41k raised for Harefield Hospital's ICU

Hitachi Capital sponsored sporting event which raised impressive £41k towards Harefield Hospital's intensive care unit.

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Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Capital hits fundraising target

Through fundraising efforts including sweepstakes, raffles, and cake making, we hit our target of £52,000 donated to Macmillian, which will fund a nurse for a whole year.

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Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Capital donates £118k to fund a Macmillan Nurse for two years

As one of our nominated charities, Hitachi Capital has raised an impressive £118k for Macmillan, which will fund a nurse for 2 years.

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