Environmental, Social & Governance Performance

Working towards a sustainable future

In 2015 the United Nations adopted the '2030 Agenda' for Sustainable Development, to address a range of urgent global challenges. The agenda sets 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide a blueprint towards building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future for people and the planet. 

Socially innovative business

At Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC, we’ve always played a role in supporting the society and communities in which we operate.

We’re applying our core values – harmony, sincerity and pioneering spirit to make a sustainable difference and become a more socially innovative company.

We’re creating a sustainable business model focusing on sectors that have a positive impact on people and their lives.

    • Environment
    • Agriculture
    • Energy
    • Infrastructure
    • Healthcare
    • Lifestyle

CSR activities

Through volunteering and charitable donations, we develop partnerships with national and local charities to support local communities.

Our Corporate Communities promote an inclusive culture and encourage workplace diversity.

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint by delivering products and initiatives that address detrimental environmental impacts.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting 

In our latest ESG Report, we’ve outlined our performance to demonstrate how we are helping to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ESG Report 2018/19

Our key achievements

Zero Hunger: Addressing food poverty

Through our volunteering, donations and fleet advisory support for FareShare, the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, we’re helping address hunger and food waste. Through volunteering and direct donations, we’ve so far provided over 300,000 meals.

Quality Education: Financial literacy provision

In partnership with Young Enterprise, the UK’s leading enterprise and financial education charity, we’ve supported more than 1,200 young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed in their future career.

Gender Equality: Building a more inclusive and diverse workforce

We’ve implemented a series of initiatives that promote an inclusive culture and encourage workplace diversity. This includes our Mentoring Circles, Corporate Communities and apprenticeship programmes.

Affordable and Clean Energy: Greener vehicle fleets

Our fleet business consists of 79% Euro 6 Category vehicles (the lowest environmental impact rating).

Decent Work and Economic Growth: Delivering value added financial products

By providing innovative finance solutions to over 1.4 million customers, we’re enabling consumers, SMEs, fleet owners, motor dealers and retailers to realise their dreams and ambitions.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles

Optimise Prime is the world’s biggest trial of commercial electric vehicles. We’re working alongside leading power, technology and transport companies to overcome the obstacles required to reduce carbon emissions through vehicle electrification.

UN Sustainable Development Goals video

UN Sustainable Development Goals video

Chief Executive Officer Robert Gordon and Gavin Wraith-Carter, Managing Director at Hitachi Capital Business Finance, discuss the importance of supporting sustainability initiatives and contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our core values are based upon the founding values of Hitachi Limited, namely, “Harmony”, “Sincerity” and “Pioneering Spirit”.

Applying these values consistently helps us conduct business in a manner which places the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at its heart.

Robert Gordon

Chief Executive Officer

Hitachi Capital (UK) PLC

UN Sustainable Development Goals video

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