Countdown Interest Bearing Credit

The holiday period at the start of this finance agreement makes it a very attractive offer. Primarily used in the furniture and electrical sectors to give the customer's better payment options.

How it works for the customer
  • APR at an agreed rate is applied
  • There is a payment holiday at the start of the agreement
  • The customers first payment will be stated on their agreement form and will take place after the holiday period
  • If the customer settles their agreement within the holiday period they do so interest free
  • If the customer does not settle their agreement within the holiday period they will make equal monthly repayments including interest which is calculated from inception of the agreement
How it works for you
  • We offer a range of payment and deferral terms for Countdown Interest Bearing Credit on purchases between £500 and £25,000.
  • Dependant on the rate of APR used a subsidy or a commission can be applied to Countdown Interest Bearing Credit.