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What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring allows you to release cash for your business using your invoices as collateral. You continue to supply goods and services to your customers and we collect the payments.

What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice Discounting allows you to release cash for your business. You continue to manage your credit control and our involvement remains confidential to your customers.

It's easy to switch to Hitachi Capital

Switch to Hitachi Capital in five easy steps…it’s simple. What’s more, if you transfer to Hitachi Capital we will give you £1,000 or your termination fee, whichever is the lowest. *

Why Hitachi Capital Invoice Finance?

Hitachi Capital provides reputable and reliable invoice finance for small to medium sized business in the UK. Choose Hitachi Capital for financial knowledge and expertise, the 6 month trial period, competitive rates - saving you at least 10% on your service fee, and quick access to funds.


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